Saturday, December 9, 2006


The deserts of one section of the world have been the site of much war and bloodshed, particularly in the past few years. There has been much said of this war, and of peace, and much of what is said on either and any side (often vainly) invokes God's name, will, or purpose.

Thomas Merton writes:

If men really wanted peace they would ask God and He would give it to them. But why should he give the world a peace which it does not really desire?...To practically everybody peace simply means the absence of any physical violence that might cast a shadow over lives devoted to the satisfaction of their animal appetites for comfort and pleasure. Many men like these have asked God for what they thought was "peace" and wondered why their prayer was not answered. They could not understand that it actually was answered. God left them with what they desired, for their idea of peace was only another form of war. So instead of loving what you think is peace, love other men and love God above all. And instead of hating the people you think are warmakers, hate the appetites and the disorder in your own soul, which are the causes of war.

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