Thursday, May 17, 2007

Prayer Thought

"Pose, pretense, and posturing are primary dangers that threaten prayer....The great temptation always crouching at the door of prayer is to use prayer as a way to avoid God: using God language to avoid God relationship; using the name of God as a screen behind which to hide from God. Cliches are the usual verbal giveaways of prayer that is, in fact, nonprayer(italics added)." ~Eugene Peterson

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Noise Saturation

There are so few quiet places. Work is not quiet. There are children imploring and groaning everywhere. The coffeeshop is not quiet. There is loud music playing and people talking. Church is not quiet. That would mean we are being too "religious." The library is not quiet. There are children screaming and cell phones ringing(and being answered, despite signs saying 'use cell phones outside') . My friends get worried or miffed if I don't say anything for a long time, or don't get in touch with them at least once a week. How many people would go insane if all noise ceased for one hour?