Saturday, February 24, 2007

Media Comment- Righteous Fish

Yesterday NPR ran a news brief about KFC's new fish sandwich, which is being added to the menu in an attempt to get Catholics and other Lent observers to keep the cash flowing through their franchises during this meat-less season. In a PR move(or who knows, maybe a genuine shot at reaching for the divine touch) the company solicited the Vatican for a Papal blessing upon the new fish sandwich. Perhaps hoping that the 25% of Americans who are Catholic will favor their "fast spiritual food" over that of their competitors?

Perhaps it would be good spiritual exercise for Lent observers to abstain from giving money to all corporate giant restaurant chains for the season. But my pride might be showing here...

NPR went on to wisecrack that KFC needs all the blessings it can get following the outbreak of e coli that recently affected 100 or so customers at one of their Taco Bell franchises, denting their reputation. Hah.

But then, I doubt NPR would be making cutting jibes and insinuating hypocrisy about a business in the same bacterial/spiritual predicament if it were locally owned and peddled only organic produce. Though the unlucky circumstances be the same. Maybe NPR needs a Papal blessing.

Maybe I do.

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