Monday, June 4, 2007

Are You Sick of Preaching?

I know a friend who is sick of preaching. Or at least poor preaching. She doesn't go to church largely for this reason, and recently posted an online invitation for Christians in her area to meet and pray, worship, read scripture, and experience Jesus together. In this post, she mentioned that preaching turned her off, for the sake of finding people in a similar predicament as her. Her first response? A street preacher claiming to "help" her(he used the word) who quoted several scriptures concerning how the people have turned away from good teaching(no doubt he was showing a "backslider" her error).

Well, needless to say, my friend felt that her problem was belittled, that scripture was misused, her intentions unaddressed, her discouragement about church confirmed, and that she had been preached to poorly. Draw your own conclusions.

Does anyone else feel this way about preaching? Is good preaching difficult to find, or perhaps non-existent?

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