Friday, June 29, 2007

Road Trip...See ya

I shall be taking a vacation soon- a hot air balloon trip around the world.

Just kidding, actually I will be road tripping it to Charleston, South Carolina, then Wilmington, NC, then the Outer Banks, then Nashville, TN. This will be my first visit to Music City, although I'm afraid I won't be there long enough to enjoy what it is best known for: the 1352 guitar pickers that are all better than me(see Chet Atkins). I will be going to an event called "The Call Nashville" which will I think prove to be nothing if not interesting.

Accompanying me on the trip will be the infamous John Mahshie, sole proprietor over at Relevant Revolution and creator of Sermon Jams. Sermon Jams is a project that anyone interested in preaching and/or hip-hop music should check out(free listens online) because it is the beautiful and unexpected wedding of the two. Exquisite beats mixed with Martin Luther King, Alistair Begg, Heidi Baker, and others. Mahshie is onto something here...

So the upshot of the road trip is that I won't be posting for the next week or so here. Ok, ok I know I haven't posted in the last month or so, but it helps me feel like a real blogger when I announce that I won't be seen in the blogosphere for some time, and then imagine the cries of dismay going up from my millions of fans.

Until next time, as John Mahshie says: Peace in the Middle East.


NaNcY said...

you will be missed in blogville.
happy tunes!

NaNcY said...

I pray that where ever you are today that you are walking with God in His love.

NaNcY said...

hey, where are you? are you not back yet? did you have a good time?