Saturday, July 19, 2008

"If anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these..."

Well, I don't know how to do that fancy link-to-a-Youtube-video-and-have-the-video-frame-show-up-on-your-blog thing, so I will just provide a text link to a video that addresses what will be, if it isn't already, the worst humanitarian crisis of our time. This is (in case you've been living under a rock) the lack of access to clean water that 1.1 billion people face in the world today. Many project that in the 21st century, clean water will be the cause of more violence and international tension than oil was in the 20th. Here's the video, also posted at Bill Kinnon's blog .

Blood:Water Mission is an organization that seeks to build 1,000 wells in Africa, and sees as its greater vision the elimination of AIDS in Africa, and access to clean water for all Africans. What they are doing is quite amazing to my mind. They are 340 wells on their way to their goal, and you can track their progress or donate money on their website.

World Vision UK is another vessel God is using to provide clean water to the world's poorest and here is what they have to say about why clean water is important. (Duh!)

Where the Jesus paradigm fits in to all this: No crisis, water or otherwise, will be solved as long as the "comfort and security paradigm" drives how Christians think and what Christians do. Thankfully, Jesus tore that paradigm to shreds and replaced with his own, so we are in fact given a path that can lead to the solving of crises like this one.


NaNcY said...

i agree that a lack of focus on Jesus, abiding in Jesus, resting in Jesus; and an almost constant focus on self, is a huge stumbling stone...actually more like a clif that believers keep falling off of.

Bob said...

The trick is, click on "Embed" to the right of the video. Doing so highlights what you need to copy into your blogpost to make the video show up.