Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Classic Southern Preacher Insists on KJV Only

The gist of what I overheard in a Christian bookstore today(to be read in a southern accent):

Preacher guy: Of all the Bibles out there the King James is the easiest to understand. I can't even understand some of these new translations!

Christian Bookstore Guy: Did you know there's over 300 translations now?

Preacher Guy: Amazing the things young people today will believe.

Christian Bookstore Guy: Mmm hmm. They'll just follow after anything nowadays.

Preacher Guy: We don't need but one translation. All them other ones are too hard to understand anyway. Young people don't see that. They'll just believe anything that comes along.

Christian Bookstore Guy: Amazing.

Preacher Guy: Amazing.

Oh, the multitude of issues...

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