Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Here's a quote from the latest Michael Spencer post, which concerns atheists and Christians co-existing:
Look at America in 2050 if that growth rate continues at even half that speed: a third of the country will be “godless.”

If evangelicals and other Christians had their heads about them, they would welcome this development. No religion beats meaningless adherence to religion every time(italics added). I see this every day. I work with dozens of students with a cultural adherence to a particular “Christian” religion. They overwhelmingly know almost nothing of Jesus, nothing of the Bible, nothing but a collection of cultural traditions, legends and superstitions about Christianity, but they consider themselves Christians.

When it comes to my job as a Christian communicator, give me the students who are “non-religious” over sorting through cultural adherence and dead superstition...But evangelicals have spent a large part of the post-war era villainizing atheists and the non-religious. Sometimes out of manipulation. Sometimes out of ignorance. Sometimes out of fear. Always out of an abandonment of a Jesus shaped view of those who are not Christians.

He doesn't restrict the accusation of hate rhetoric to Christians though. He follows this with some suggestions about decreasing animosity. Worth paying attention to.


Bob said...

Welcome back to blogging! After all, you're the second best Spencer blogger out there!

Bob said...

Michael being the best . . . gotta give the man his props!

Nate said...

Hmmm...I dont know if I've been quite prolific enough to earn that rank! A quick look at the "backblog" of postings from In the Clearing and all its preincarnations would probably place you at #2, if not #1!