Monday, September 28, 2009

Advent Conspiracy

Since it's now almost October, that means I'm almost two months late in getting ready know it...CHRISTMAS! Now you may be thinking "whoa, Christmas isn't till December!" If so, you obviously haven't realized that America considers the last 4-5 months of the year "the Christmas season." Because that's approximately how long it takes for the average American to earn the amount of money they will spend on Christmas gifts. Heck, one business I worked for that was really on the ball put the Christmas trees up in July, and began selling ornaments in August(that's five and six months ahead of time for those of you keeping track)!

So even though we're a little late in starting the Christmas season here at The Jesus Paradigm, it's still my duty is to make the holiday season as full of Christmas cheer as I can for everyone. This video by Advent Conspiracy has some bright ideas:


nAncY said...

making gifts...hum. i will have to think about that one.

and no...i am not making fruit cake.

nAncY said...

maybe a poem about fruit cake...or a song....or a painting of fruit cake!

Erin Hope said...