Sunday, April 11, 2010

Martin Luther Beats the Offering Plate Over My Head

As someone who's knee-jerk response to talk of tithes and offerings is to break out in hives and start frothing at the mouth, I think I benefited a little bit from this Martin Luther quote over at Christ Is Deeper Still:
“I understand that this is the week for the church collection, and many of you do not want to give a thing.  You ungrateful people should be ashamed of yourselves. . . . I am sorry I ever freed you from the tyrants and the papists.  You ungrateful beasts, you are not worthy of the treasure of the gospel.  If you don’t improve, I will stop preaching rather than cast pearls before swine.”


Erin Hope said...

you break out into hives too??!


having no pennies (or for that matter anything bigger than pennies) solves that problem....
but really, I wonder if tithing isn't more about just being willing to give everything (not just money, and not just 10%) to God (not necessarily church)out of trust and out of love, knowing that if He's creator, he can take care of us.

p.s. I also think this blog post should come with an illustration of the title. I feel a little cheated.

Nate said...

Very good perspective on giving!