Wednesday, November 24, 2010

J. Lee Grady Gets Hungry For Jesus Content

There's hope for Charisma Magazine yet! From a recent J. Lee Grady article:
Many charismatics have developed the attitude that a simple focus on Christ isn’t enough. We’d rather go to a “prophetic encounter” to hear what Obama’s chances are in 2012, or experience some exotic spiritual manifestation (gold dust, gems falling out of the ceiling), or ask Rev. Flash-in-the-Pan to pray for us for the sixteenth time so we can receive yet another “special anointing” that we will probably never use.
In the midst of all this charismatic gobbledygook, where is Jesus? Am I the only one out there who is weary of this distraction?
No Lee, you're not. Thanks for this long-needed article.  The only problem is that he suggests Jesus-content is "back to the basics." Hopefully, we're recognizing that he's that, and everything else as well...

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