Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's Not Like This Is A New Idea...

But we might as well say it again, and Mike Leake does just that at Borrowed Light:

If our view of Scripture is akin to Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth then I doubt very seriously that we will be compelled to open its pages.  At least not until something goes wrong...Do you realize how hard it is to convince people to find Life in the Scriptures when this is our view?  It’s like trying to convince people that if they want to really enjoy food they should become acquainted with their refrigerator’s manual of operation. That is just silly. 
What if instead we started viewing it as a compelling story told by the Creator of the universe or as a drama that is acted out and then explained by God about God?
Rather than reading it to discover Jesus, says Mike, we're looking for "an answer." To a problem, like "what qualities should I look for in a wife?" Or, dare I say it "how should I go about my relationship with God?" Which is fine, as long as you're willing to admit that crack-cocaine gives people "an answer" too.  And often a more satisfying one, depending on where you're at.

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