Monday, December 13, 2010

Scot McKnight's New Book

Well here's a great interview by Frank Viola with Scot McKnight, author of a new book called One.Life: Jesus Calls, We Follow.  I must say, the interview makes me wanna read it.  Check out the question about Kingdom- when asked to define it, he says:
You simply can’t say “kingdom” in the 1st Century and not think of a King, and a Land, and a citizenship and a Law that governs the citizens. You can’t get by with thinking it is nothing more than the personal experience of God as my king.
In short, a place with certain characteristics.  Contrast this with the average assumption in many post-modern readings, which generally concerns itself with Kingdom as an experience, a warm-fuzzy thing that happens to you inside.  Interesting. 

He also highlights "communities shaped by the Lord's prayer" as a theme for the book.  Scot is one of the more Jesus-y thinkers on the web these days, and it seems like with this book he's trying to push discipleship towards Jesus-shaped communities.  Sounds like a plan.  

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