Sunday, September 4, 2011

Alan Hirsch on Centralized Power Structures, Communitas, and Disciples vs. Consumers

I don't know why no one's said this before, but it makes perfect sense: "centralized structures are more vulnerable to heresy than de-centralized structures. A centralized structure attracts people who like power...and magnifies their influence throughout the system."

Communitas: a community formed in the context of an ordeal, a challenge, a mission...

Middle class obsession with safety and security, indeed Alan!

On the "disciples" that the world is making..."trillions of dollars are put into it to manipulate our sense of self...this is the task of advertising is to create desire...You cannot build a church on consumers."

My favorite one:


Lore Ferguson said...

Oh, I love that last one. His thoughts on Lord are great. Thanks for sharing.

Bob Spencer said...

Good stuff.