Tuesday, October 18, 2011

World's Funniest Blogger Alert

Ok. The "Whatever Happened to..." award of the decade goes to:

Brant Hansen.

So out of nowhere, I stumble upon a Frank Viola link to the blog in my Facebook feed.  It leads to Brant Hansen's NEW BLOG, called "Brant's Blog." (Actually, how new is this? How long have you been hiding from us?)  People, this is like Christmas in October.  Brant Hansen, the world's funniest blogger, formerly thought to be extinct, IS STILL BLOGGING!!

Check out his recent commentary of Christian video games.  Rare form, Brant. Rare form.

Sidebar, you just got a lot awesomer.


julia said...

Well, I'm trying to find an old thing I wrote (so I can re-post it, and, you know, be lazy) and I saw this link.

I'm honored.

I don't know if I'm back up to full snarkiness yet, but it can still happen. It's weird, because I'm writing for a whole diverse lot. Some will never, ever get it...

julia said...

By the way -- that's me, Brant. Not my daughter.

Nate said...


Oh, please don't worry too much about whether people get it! I hear you though- it's tough when you've got something to say and you're wondering "is so-and-so with a completely different sense of humor and all that baggage going to be offended by this?" But really. I'm glad you found this- you're musings were a part of a major change in my paradigm. I'm grateful. And honored that you're honored. And so forth.