Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Title

I've changed the title of this blog. "Into the Desert" represented a former incarnation of my writings, one that I feel is now over. To best represent the thrust of my writing at this point, I'm now calling this blog "The Jesus Paradigm."

I know, I know. All 2.5 million of my readers are wondering "what writing?" Which brings me to my next point: I will try and post to this blog semi-regularly. However, I will not feel obliged to do so. While this is not the best recipe for developing a solid readership, it will allow me to say only the things that I feel are worthy of being said in public. But I just cant' stop the ol' wheels from spinning, so I might as well let someone know what's going on up there.

Here's to more public discussion on following Jesus...


NaNcY said...

hi nate,
is it ok with you if i add you to my "people that put up with me, and i love them very much" blog roll?

i am also curious as to what your age is.

Nate said...

Of course, I'd be honored to be on someone's blogroll! I mean, I'm on the roll over at In The Clearing and all, but that's to be expected cause he's, dad. I am 29.

NaNcY said...

thanks, nate.
i will do that now.

i am 52 years and 8 months.
just thought it was fair to tell you my age as well, since i was asking you.