Saturday, November 8, 2008

Generation We

Bill Kinnon deals with an extremely interesting subject, that of Generation We. The research he cites confirms some things that I've been thinking for quite some time now.

The generation that is about to inherit America, and that may have already been largely responsible for the election of Barack Obama(although the video claims GenWe will reach voting age in 2016) is different in some key ways that are about to make the political landscape very interesting. A group of people who will betray a label or a group for what they consider to be right and necessary. A group that is loosely if at all attached to party and ideology(41% of college students are registered independent). A group that is seeing a world, an America, in decline and in need of rescuing rather than an oyster bed to be mined for pearls.

We wouldn't want to make pat assumptions here. There's a long way to go. But if America doesn't sputter and die economically and subsequently get overrun by heathen hordes from the North(no hate for Canada, only referencing Rome) , can we expect some kind of national push towards stronger community and conscientious living? Only time will tell.


Erin Hope said... you think it's all a trend?
maybe this is all bad observation on my part....but it seems like a lot of these people do 'good works' as a trend, I'm not saying there isn't some basis of good just seems to be the new trend- what's in fashion now.
Not to mention the scary fact that some seem to think we can evolve into good humans...
God left out of the entire thing. Then you have a large group of people trying to be proactive, with really no basis to be proactive,....and you have to wonder how long it will last or if meaning(God) (hopefully) will be found in the middle of it?
any thoughts about this?

Nate said...

Yeah, I have no doubt that there's going to be a lot of pitifully Jesus-deficient change that's going to happen, all in the name of a better world(look at much of the hype surrounding Obama's run). It is interesting that these possibilities may be on the horizon though. It's not like America the way that these kids appear to be thinking.