Saturday, November 8, 2008


And with this, I place John Frye's blog, Jesus the Radical Pastor, on my sidebar:

A good, upright Christian reached for the well-worn, well-read Bible. The Bible by itself shifted away from reach. Startled by this the Christian thought That’s odd. Reaching out again to take the Bible, it slid away again and leaped from the table to the floor. This alarmed the Christian. What is going on here?! The Christian moved to retrieve the Bible. The Bible this time flew up and slapped hard against the Christian’s face. The Christian, stunned almost to oblivion, sank to the floor where the Bible fell.

The Christian heard a voice speaking in deeply loving, yet fiercely firm words, Stop! You must stop now. Do not read me anymore. I must read you!

The end of the story is at John's blog.

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