Saturday, December 9, 2006

Into The Desert

This blog will be aimed at giving insight through short entries, often responding to an excerpt from a book. Occasionally I foresee responding to other blog entries, or to art and culture.

This blogger is operating under the notion that the Body of Christ is in need of a robust practice of silence and contemplation. That knowledge of the Father cannot come through the Son unless the noisy inner competition ceases. That the Christian life cannot be practically lived unless one travels "into the desert."

This blog will serve as a reflective surface for the "wilderness" meetings in which the blogger is given, well, something to reflect about.

Most of all, this blogger seeks to use this reflective surface as a vehicle of response.

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Bob said...

It's interesting, but many of us Christians tend to be quite frightened of "the desert." If we sense ourselves lacking enthusiasm, we call it a desert (like the one the ancient Hebrews wandered in for 40 years) and strive mightily to stir ourselves out of it. I think that we are letting one possible desert metaphor crowd out other possible ones. Didn't Jesus intentionally go "into the desert"?